Visit Buenos Aires like a local

Most tourists assume that Buenos Aires is only Tango and La Boca. Well I have to tell you there's plenty more than that. Perhaps if it's your first trip to Buenos Aires you'd like to visit the top attractions, but if it's your 2nd time or you are staying for a long time it's interesting to meet other places that most tourist don't.


Have you ever been to El Tigre? Well, it's a city/town a 31 kilometers away from Bs. As. where there's plenty to do as well. You can shop at the "Puerto de Frutos" from regional food to furniture, souvenirs and all you can imagine at an excellent price.
You can also take a short trip across the river, fish and why not stay a weekend in one of the many private islands with hotels and cottages...really romantic as well.

Shopping in Rivadavia, Caballito neighbour

Too much people in Florida and Palermo? Well, Rivadavia av has plenty of places to shop at and avoid the mass. You can begin in 4900 Rivadavia Av. and just walk around the galeries and the Caballito Shopping. You can take the A subway and take a look at the first subway in South America made of wood.

Curious facts about Caballito:

* Caballito (Little Horse) is the oldest neighbor in Buenos Aires and the center geographical point of the city.
* In Gaona Av. and Espinosa St. you can find the Nuestra Señora de Buenos Aires Basilica, a big beautiful church built in the XIX/XX century.
* At 1023 Avellaneda St. you can find the Km 0 of Buenos Aires.

Unicenter Shopping

Take a breath from the center town, go to the biggest shopping in Argentina. You can shop, eat, go to the movies and have a great afternoon.

Parque de la Costa

Nowadays Parque de la Costa is the most important amusement park in Buenos Aires. It's in El Tigre too, but you'll need a whole day to visit the vast majority of the games.

These were my two cents about Buenos Aires. Have fun and enjoy this fantastic city from a local point of view!

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