America's best favorite food: as seen on TV!

You'd probably seen many TV series and movies that shows characters eating a bunch of frequently eaten food by us citizens. Here are some examples of famous food appearances in famous movies and series.


Our lovable yellow fatty, besides being devote to any kind of food including pork with applesauce, his favorite food are donuts. You can watch him eating them at the nuclear plant while he's not sleeping.

What the hell is a Diet Pepsi?

Popular on the early 80s, Diet Pepsi imposed itself among teenagers who wanted a low-sugar soda. Who was better than Marty McFly, from Back to the Future to promote it? In BTTF when he went to 1955 he entered a bar and ask for an uninvented Diet Pepsi and end up receiving a cup of coffee.

Charlie's chocolate

I've dreamed about being in a place like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. In fact, the mythical Wonka bars & candy are sold around the world. No more to say...chocolate is everywhere in the movie.

Mac 'n cheese alone

No meal can beat Mac 'n Cheese, really, I'm drooling already. Maybe you can remember the movie Home Alone, were Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was about to eat this cheesy goodness when he realized that it was time to face the dumb thieves.

Chinese, Thai and...Bazinga!
While these kind of food appears in many many series & movies like Seinfeld and Friends to name a couple, in The Big Bang Theory happens to appear a lot because it seems it's almost everything they eat!

No Burger for you!

No, it's not from that famous Seinfeld episode, but from an interesting movie-documental called Super Size Me, where that crazy guy eats in Mc Donalds for a month and end up...well...not gonna tell you the end.

Fill me up people, tell me about another movie/serie that has a special food appearance! (not movies about food)

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