Visit Buenos Aires like a local

Most tourists assume that Buenos Aires is only Tango and La Boca. Well I have to tell you there's plenty more than that. Perhaps if it's your first trip to Buenos Aires you'd like to visit the top attractions, but if it's your 2nd time or you are staying for a long time it's interesting to meet other places that most tourist don't.


Have you ever been to El Tigre? Well, it's a city/town a 31 kilometers away from Bs. As. where there's plenty to do as well. You can shop at the "Puerto de Frutos" from regional food to furniture, souvenirs and all you can imagine at an excellent price.
You can also take a short trip across the river, fish and why not stay a weekend in one of the many private islands with hotels and cottages...really romantic as well.

Shopping in Rivadavia, Caballito neighbour

Too much people in Florida and Palermo? Well, Rivadavia av has plenty of places to shop at and avoid the mass. You can begin in 4900 Rivadavia Av. and just walk around the galeries and the Caballito Shopping. You can take the A subway and take a look at the first subway in South America made of wood.

Curious facts about Caballito:

* Caballito (Little Horse) is the oldest neighbor in Buenos Aires and the center geographical point of the city.
* In Gaona Av. and Espinosa St. you can find the Nuestra Señora de Buenos Aires Basilica, a big beautiful church built in the XIX/XX century.
* At 1023 Avellaneda St. you can find the Km 0 of Buenos Aires.

Unicenter Shopping

Take a breath from the center town, go to the biggest shopping in Argentina. You can shop, eat, go to the movies and have a great afternoon.

Parque de la Costa

Nowadays Parque de la Costa is the most important amusement park in Buenos Aires. It's in El Tigre too, but you'll need a whole day to visit the vast majority of the games.

These were my two cents about Buenos Aires. Have fun and enjoy this fantastic city from a local point of view!

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6 tips for Staying at a Hostel

Staying in a hostel is an interesting experience besides the destination. "Hosteling" is a great way to meet new people from around the world without spending a lot of money. For those who are new at this, here there are a few tips for staying (and surviving?) at a hostel.
#1 To group or not to group?

That is the question. Staying in a hostel often (almost always) means sharing a room with a bunch of strangers. This can be good or bad, depending one's character, I think it can be interesting to meet new people from any country. If you come with the idea of loneliness you'd probably won't find it.

#2 The girls with the girls?

As I pointed before, sharing is the basis of hosteling but some women or men don't want a mixed-gender room. It's ok, there are some hostels that offers girls-only and boys-only rooms so you can be more comfortable.

#3 Safety is first

If you don't want to leave your valuable possessions at everyone's sight you can ask for a safety box at the reception. I suggest to ask the hostel if they actually have one before you book it. Some hostels includes them in their fee, just ask.

#4 Mess with the mess!

Cleanness is vital when sharing a room. You'd probably dislike to have a dirty W.C. or shower and although there's a room service, the maid cannot clean every time someone goes into the bathroom. This is common sense but not everyone seems to follow this up (specially after a crude hangover...). Don't litter in the rooms, there are trashes for that and avoid eating inside the rooms (some places don't allow that). Also clean the kitchen or wash the elements if you just used them.

#5 Now It's personal!

If you are planning to stay in a hostel, put in mind that you will probably need to bring or buy some personal items like: toothbrush/toothpaste, hair comb, soap, shampoo, towel, flip flops. Soap? you should, sharing a soap with a stranger is not advisable due to certain diseases. Flip flops???? Yes! While taking a shower or just hanging around the room are very useful...if you take a shower without them you can get fungus and that's not cute at all.

#6 Manners matters

Maybe you won't get along with some of the other guests, or maybe you will be friends with everyone, anyhow it's important to be polite with all of them. Remember that you will find different people from many countries and other cultures values, however, what all have in common is politeness and respect as a virtue in social behavior.

Have fun!

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America's best favorite food: as seen on TV!

You'd probably seen many TV series and movies that shows characters eating a bunch of frequently eaten food by us citizens. Here are some examples of famous food appearances in famous movies and series.


Our lovable yellow fatty, besides being devote to any kind of food including pork with applesauce, his favorite food are donuts. You can watch him eating them at the nuclear plant while he's not sleeping.

What the hell is a Diet Pepsi?

Popular on the early 80s, Diet Pepsi imposed itself among teenagers who wanted a low-sugar soda. Who was better than Marty McFly, from Back to the Future to promote it? In BTTF when he went to 1955 he entered a bar and ask for an uninvented Diet Pepsi and end up receiving a cup of coffee.

Charlie's chocolate

I've dreamed about being in a place like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. In fact, the mythical Wonka bars & candy are sold around the world. No more to say...chocolate is everywhere in the movie.

Mac 'n cheese alone

No meal can beat Mac 'n Cheese, really, I'm drooling already. Maybe you can remember the movie Home Alone, were Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was about to eat this cheesy goodness when he realized that it was time to face the dumb thieves.

Chinese, Thai and...Bazinga!
While these kind of food appears in many many series & movies like Seinfeld and Friends to name a couple, in The Big Bang Theory happens to appear a lot because it seems it's almost everything they eat!

No Burger for you!

No, it's not from that famous Seinfeld episode, but from an interesting movie-documental called Super Size Me, where that crazy guy eats in Mc Donalds for a month and end up...well...not gonna tell you the end.

Fill me up people, tell me about another movie/serie that has a special food appearance! (not movies about food)

5 Cool Amusement Parks in Paris

Young or adults, we all have a child inside! If you want to have a day of fun, games and cotton candy, this article will show you the best amusement parks in and near Paris.

Disneyland Paris
Opened in 2002, this park is a similar version to the original placed in California. There are 2 parks: Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Like the original, these park has several games and attractions (48 to be exact), bars and hotels to spend a journey or several days. Worth seeing for Disney lovers.

Sea Life Val d'Europe

If you like nature and sea life, this is the perfect choice. Sea Life is close to Disney park and offers a bunch of educational and fun activities from 2500 tanks and reconstructions of Atlantic and the sink Titanic. Child will love it and I'm sure that adults will too!

Parc Asterix
Based on the popular animation and comic "Asterix", this park situated 35km away from Paris recreates the common places that appears in the series along with its characters and Greek gods. It also has the biggest wooden roller-coaster in Europe. This is a good choice for all the family, even for pregnant women.

Aqua boulevard Water Park

Water lovers, beware! This water park is the biggest in Europe and offers games and pools for all the family. Water is kept 29º all year long so you don't have to worry if it's cold outside. Something to consider is that men have to wear tight professional-like swimsuit and women/kids a full swim costume.

Parc Zoologique de Thoiry

This is a well-known safari park with over 1000 animals of many species. It's an experience worth living for animal lovers or any public in general as it wells recreates a wild environment. You have to b.y.o. car or just take the zoo bus to take the tour, but there are also parts where you can walk and enjoy a beautiful landscape.

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London Outdoor Activities: find yours!

Not everything in London are museums. For adventurers or sporty-like people there are many things you can do in London, so here's my list of outdoor activities.

Fishing in London

Love the sticky smell of a brand new fish? What better place to fish than on a big island! Thames river is a great place to do so. There you can find a variety o fish like carp, roach, dace, perch and more. You need to have a fishing rod license that you can obtain here: or at the Post Office.

Sailing yo-ho!

If you're not a member of any sailing club you can still enjoy sailing in the Thames or perhaps learn to use a canoe safely. This is a good option:

Westminster Boating Base Address
136 Grosvenor Road
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7821 7389

Trekking and biking

If you want to stay fit and have fun without much money this a perfect choice. You can choose one or more park and just trek it! Another option is rent a bike and ride it through parks. There are nice places around with lakes and a sight-view more than interesting.

Golfing jet set

Not everyone have golf skills, but if you do you can try some of the golf camps in London. Richmond Park Public Golf is open for general public and you can hire your equipment.
Richmond Park Public Golf Course Address
Priory Lane
SW15 5JR
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8876 1795

If you want more activities you can buy this book:
City Walks: London: 50 Adventures on Foot

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