5 Cool Amusement Parks in Paris

Young or adults, we all have a child inside! If you want to have a day of fun, games and cotton candy, this article will show you the best amusement parks in and near Paris.

Disneyland Paris
Opened in 2002, this park is a similar version to the original placed in California. There are 2 parks: Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Like the original, these park has several games and attractions (48 to be exact), bars and hotels to spend a journey or several days. Worth seeing for Disney lovers.

Sea Life Val d'Europe

If you like nature and sea life, this is the perfect choice. Sea Life is close to Disney park and offers a bunch of educational and fun activities from 2500 tanks and reconstructions of Atlantic and the sink Titanic. Child will love it and I'm sure that adults will too!

Parc Asterix
Based on the popular animation and comic "Asterix", this park situated 35km away from Paris recreates the common places that appears in the series along with its characters and Greek gods. It also has the biggest wooden roller-coaster in Europe. This is a good choice for all the family, even for pregnant women.

Aqua boulevard Water Park

Water lovers, beware! This water park is the biggest in Europe and offers games and pools for all the family. Water is kept 29º all year long so you don't have to worry if it's cold outside. Something to consider is that men have to wear tight professional-like swimsuit and women/kids a full swim costume.

Parc Zoologique de Thoiry

This is a well-known safari park with over 1000 animals of many species. It's an experience worth living for animal lovers or any public in general as it wells recreates a wild environment. You have to b.y.o. car or just take the zoo bus to take the tour, but there are also parts where you can walk and enjoy a beautiful landscape.

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