6 tips for Staying at a Hostel

Staying in a hostel is an interesting experience besides the destination. "Hosteling" is a great way to meet new people from around the world without spending a lot of money. For those who are new at this, here there are a few tips for staying (and surviving?) at a hostel.
#1 To group or not to group?

That is the question. Staying in a hostel often (almost always) means sharing a room with a bunch of strangers. This can be good or bad, depending one's character, I think it can be interesting to meet new people from any country. If you come with the idea of loneliness you'd probably won't find it.

#2 The girls with the girls?

As I pointed before, sharing is the basis of hosteling but some women or men don't want a mixed-gender room. It's ok, there are some hostels that offers girls-only and boys-only rooms so you can be more comfortable.

#3 Safety is first

If you don't want to leave your valuable possessions at everyone's sight you can ask for a safety box at the reception. I suggest to ask the hostel if they actually have one before you book it. Some hostels includes them in their fee, just ask.

#4 Mess with the mess!

Cleanness is vital when sharing a room. You'd probably dislike to have a dirty W.C. or shower and although there's a room service, the maid cannot clean every time someone goes into the bathroom. This is common sense but not everyone seems to follow this up (specially after a crude hangover...). Don't litter in the rooms, there are trashes for that and avoid eating inside the rooms (some places don't allow that). Also clean the kitchen or wash the elements if you just used them.

#5 Now It's personal!

If you are planning to stay in a hostel, put in mind that you will probably need to bring or buy some personal items like: toothbrush/toothpaste, hair comb, soap, shampoo, towel, flip flops. Soap? you should, sharing a soap with a stranger is not advisable due to certain diseases. Flip flops???? Yes! While taking a shower or just hanging around the room are very useful...if you take a shower without them you can get fungus and that's not cute at all.

#6 Manners matters

Maybe you won't get along with some of the other guests, or maybe you will be friends with everyone, anyhow it's important to be polite with all of them. Remember that you will find different people from many countries and other cultures values, however, what all have in common is politeness and respect as a virtue in social behavior.

Have fun!

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