London Outdoor Activities: find yours!

Not everything in London are museums. For adventurers or sporty-like people there are many things you can do in London, so here's my list of outdoor activities.

Fishing in London

Love the sticky smell of a brand new fish? What better place to fish than on a big island! Thames river is a great place to do so. There you can find a variety o fish like carp, roach, dace, perch and more. You need to have a fishing rod license that you can obtain here: or at the Post Office.

Sailing yo-ho!

If you're not a member of any sailing club you can still enjoy sailing in the Thames or perhaps learn to use a canoe safely. This is a good option:

Westminster Boating Base Address
136 Grosvenor Road
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7821 7389

Trekking and biking

If you want to stay fit and have fun without much money this a perfect choice. You can choose one or more park and just trek it! Another option is rent a bike and ride it through parks. There are nice places around with lakes and a sight-view more than interesting.

Golfing jet set

Not everyone have golf skills, but if you do you can try some of the golf camps in London. Richmond Park Public Golf is open for general public and you can hire your equipment.
Richmond Park Public Golf Course Address
Priory Lane
SW15 5JR
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8876 1795

If you want more activities you can buy this book:
City Walks: London: 50 Adventures on Foot

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